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Breakdown Activate

Breakdown Activate with BioS 3112 represents the next step in technology for biological treatment of drain lines and grease traps.  BioS 3112 is a new patented Bacillus strain that gives Breakdown Activate the ability to degrade the recalcitrant portion of the grease molecule, the long-chain fatty acids.

The introduction of BioS 3112 into microbial blend that also degrades proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, delivers a unique biological consortium for treating drain lines and grease traps. With regular application, Breakdown Activate will reduce trapped grease, maintain free-flow in drains and reduce odours in grease traps and drain lines.


Breakdown Activate contains a blend of microbial species that together degrade grease, short and long-chain fatty acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

Breakdown Activate does not transfer the grease downstream.

Breakdown Activate proprietary formulation incorporates an innovative inhibitory system that produces excellent product stability, yet upon addition to a drain line or grease trap, these same ingredients stimulate the growth and activity of the bacterial.

The active ingredients in Breakdown Activate reduce the production of odours by inhibiting biological production of odour causing compounds.

The microbial blend in Breakdown Activate controls odours by degrading malodorous volatile fatty acids present in septic or anaerobic environments.

BioS 3112 specifically degrades long-chain fatty acids that are known to be persistent in the environment causing the majority of maintenance and treatment problems.

The partial breakdown of grease causes pH to drop, creating an environment that is inhibitory to most bacteria.   Breakdown Activate alleviates low pH by breaking down both short-chain and long-chain fatty acids, thus maintaining an environment more amenable to active microbial degradation.

Breakdown Activate demonstrates visible reductions in grease when field-tested in restaurant grease traps.

Breakdown Activate is an environmentally preferable formulation that won’t damage pipes and traps.

As a ready-to-use formulation, Breakdown Activate can be applied manually or using an automatic dosing system.