100% Natural Insect Repellents by Repello Products.


AgriNeem Natural Garden Insect Spray.

The ACTIVE ingredient in our Garden Insect Spray is NEEM - a tree indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. The people of India have used NEEM for thousands of years. PLEASE NOTE!! Our product contains NO Sodium Laurel Sulphate, DEET, pyrethrins, synthetic parathyroid or pyrethrum, ALL OF WHICH can be harmful to both animals and humans.

 Our natural AgriNeem products are eco-friendly and highly effective. Non toxic to non-target organisms but safe to human beings and animals.


Most effective when applied in early to mid-morning or late afternoon.

Ensure that you spray the complete plant thoroughly, including lower leaf surface, to the point of runoff.

Product can be used up to day of harvest on food plants. Note: Do NOT use on newly transplanted or drought stressed plants. Makes 200 litres.