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Corium Industrial Chemicals

The ultimate maintenance product choice.

Industrial, Domestic Cleaning and Protection Chemicals by Corium Products

We understand that, in maintenance, the right employment of high-quality chemicals is the most important factor. Corium's research has developed and formulated a wide range of special products that provide you with:

(1) Highest quality chemicals for maximum effectiveness and increased operating efficiency;

(2) Formulae custom-tailored for specific applications for increased parts and equipment life;

(3) Concentrated, high-strength chemicals that are safe and easy to use under Corium user safety guidelines; and

(4) Chemical designed to eliminate downtime and cut maintenance costs.

The result of more than 25 years of intensive research and development, Corium products are made to keep you running longer and at optimum efficiency.

Corium Product Range


Corium 8 - Rust converter used for priming steel

Reacts on existing corrosion and chemically converts the rust to a protective bonded film ready to accept the primer.

Corium 10 - Deep penetrating deruster

Has a deep penetration ability which not only removes all rust, but also seeks out a new clean surface BELOW the rust.

Corium 11 - Acid neutraliser

Is a mild alkaline solution used for the termination of the action of Corium 10.

Corium 20 - Radiator rust inhibitor with water pump lube

Liquid chemical solution added to the water of engine cooling systems to completely circumvent any electrochemical corrosion from occurring. Lubricates water pump and thermostat.

Corium 31 - Burn Stop/Heat Ban paste. Protection against heat, flame and temperature

Used for welding, cutting, soldering and  brazing.  Wipe paste off and re-use.

Corium 42 - One-treatment floor renovator

Specifically formulated to do a safe stripping job on any surface when used in the recommended proportions.

Corium 43 - Scientific super sealer and floor polish

A superior high durability floor finish that is self-shining, non-scuffing and highly wear resistant.

Corium 54 - Water treatment concentrate for water-cooling towers

Inhibits corrosion, scaling and algae growth in air conditioning systems, boilers, steam and ammonia condensers, water cooling systems, brine tanks and rolling mills. 

Corium 55 - Manual dishwashing liquid

Super concentrated. Even the heaviest fats and dried food deposits float away due to superior cleansing penetrants.

Corium 56 - Microwave oven cleaner

The only truly effective way to clean and disinfect sophisticated microwave ovens without damaging the finish or electronics systems.

Corium 58 - Liquid car wax

Advanced 2-way product that eliminates the need to pre-wash, wax and buff. Cleans and waxes in one step.

Corium 59 - Germicidal cleaner with lemon fragrance

A completely different germicidal with fast acting and powerful additives to counter attack dangerous disease-carrying micro-organisms affecting utensils, machinery and animals (as well as humans).  Also available without lemon fragrance as Corium 95.

Corium 64 - Industrial oven/fat cleaner

Can be applied to both cold and warm ovens and effectively cleans all accumulated grease, carbon and grit without the need to scrub, scrape or scour. Comes highly concentrated and is economical in application.

Corium 79 - Metal protector

Prevents rust, corrosion and metal disintegration.  Ideal for all steels. Effective up to 20 years indoors and up to 6 outdoors. Also available in bulk as Corium 790.

Corium 81 - Engine degreaser.  Highly concentrated

Unique, super grease dissolver for the efficient and thorough cleaning of metal and other surfaces.  Soluble in either water or solvent.

Corium 82 - Carburettor cleaner

Select formula of concentrated chemicals designed to quickly and effectively dissolve gums, varnishes and carbonised deposits that form in carburettors.

Corium 83 - Toilet bowl cleaner

A three-in-one product – toilet, bowl and urinal cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant.

Corium 84 - Powerful degreaser for all degreasing operations

A strong mixture of active solvents and emulsifiers which dissolve grease effectively.

Corium 85 - Non-toxic food and machinery cleaner concentrate

A renovator for kitchen and food processing equipment which makes maintenance routines easier.

Corium 86 - Industrial cleaner concentrate

A research-developed product designed for use in industrial, manufacturing and food processing plants. Completely non-flammable and can be used around high temperature machines and blowers.

Corium 87 - Coil cleaner

Does an outstanding job of cleaning all multi-fin coils in air conditioning and  heating units as well as air cooled condensing units, heat pumps, fans and permanent-type filters.

Corium 88 - Special cleaner

For tiles, masonry, terrazzo and all grouted floors or surfaces.

Corium 89 - Aluminium and stainless steel brightener

Liquid sandpaper action. Features safe unique chemistry. Extends life of aluminium equipment. Versatile application.

Corium 90 - Concentrated “Lubritool”

A modern, chemically-engineered lubricant which obsoletes every other general purpose and universal coolant for machining and cutting operations.

Corium 91-Liquid compound for cleaning, descaling and passivating stainless steel

Features an extremely easy system for rejuvenating stainless steel. Super cleaning properties. Improves corrosion resistance in two ways and super ease of application.

Corium 92 - “Sure Seal” transparent sealer and protector for all surfaces

Designed for use on all surfaces such as bricks, cement blocks, pavers, cement floors, wood, slasto, metals, asbestos, cork, water based paints, lime wash, terrazzo, textured coatings, ceramics, leather, thatch, marbelite, chipboard, hardboard, plywood, ceiling board, plastics, vinyl, stone etc.

Contains algaecides, fungicides and bactericides.

Corium 93 - Safe heavy-duty cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner for brick and masonry.   Quickly and efficiently removes Mortar residue and rust stains. Safe for use on aluminium window frames. Also for removing cement from wheelbarrows etc.

Corium 95 - Germicidal cleaner

Biodegradable, germicidal disinfectant for cleaning with an effective four-way action – cleans, disinfects, softens water and deodorizes. Also available with lemon fragrance as Corium 59.

Corium 97 - “Big Blue”.   Concentrated multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser

Cleaning compound with special additives that transform ordinary water into an effective cleaning solution.  Used for heavy duty degreasing of engine blocks,
machinery and equipment.

Corium 98 - “Purple Magic”

A mildly perfumed technician’s hand soap which is designed to remove the grease and oils normally encountered by technicians.

Corium 104 - Engine instant starter spray

Promotes instant ignition in gasoline or diesel engines. Dramatic results in severe climate use.

Corium 105 - Battery cleaner and terminal conditioner

Fast and efficient one-step process.  Prolongs battery life. Recommended for us with Corium 107.

Corium 107 - Battery terminal and cable protector

Forms a corrosion and moisture-proof protective coating that holds power longer. Also available in bulk as Corium 1070. Recommended for use with Corium 105.

Corium 108 - Electrical cleaner

This electronics cleaner and degreaser is extremely stable. 

It will not decompose at temperatures up to 150 degrees C and will remain stable with many alcohols used for cleaning operations.

Corium 113 - General-purpose super cleaner

Cleaning and degreasing for a vast range of cleaning operations.

Corium 124 - Universal degreaser and surface conditioner

Destroys the molecular attraction between the contaminant and the surface. Penetrates the most stubborn surface contamination.  Leaves the surface chemically clean.

Corium 127 - Penetrating and cleaning oil

High velocity penetrant that dissolves and liquefies corrosion. Frees seized, rusted parts.  Also available in bulk as Corium 1270.

Corium 128 - Thread lubricant and anti-seize

Super-purity penetrant of low specific gravity.   Protects threads and prevents seizure.

Corium 129 - Non-flash or fire point cleaner and degreaser

Non-toxic and will not damage insulation.   Ideal for heavy duty operations.  Also available in bulk as Corium 1290.

Corium 135 - Handgun lubricant and conditioner

Keeps handguns in first class condition. Highly penetrative action will migrate into gunmetal pores to destroy light soiling and protect and lubricate parts.

Corium 142 - Hospital grade Skin Guard

Forms a protective barrier against grease, oil, paint, chemical, vapour and air-borne micro-organisms. Prevents dermatitis, chapping and loss of natural skin oils.

Corium 157 - Dry lubricant

Efficient, quick-service lubricant spray containing anti-wear MoS2. Leaves no oily film.

Corium 161 - PBD – Power Belt Dressing

Protects and prolongs the life of all types of power belts. Applied while belt is operating. Improves belt performance.

Corium 165 - Internal electric motor cleaner

Ultra safe with no fire point. Use while motor is running. Blows unwanted oil, grease, carbon and dust deposits out.  

Also available in bulk as Corium 1650.

Corium 178 - Mould and casting release

Colourless, tasteless agent that cannot decompose or form deposits.  

Prevents sticking.

Corium 179 - Copper and brass brightener

Anti-tarnish agent.  

Protects metal surfaces in severe or offshore conditions. Gloss finish.

Corium 198 - Oven protector

Grill, rotisserie and oven protector. Leaves a permanent non-stick surface to prevent further carbon and fat build up.

Corium 199 - Silicone lubricant

For non-oil application such as rubber or insulation etc. Ideal for rapid lubrication.

Corium 202 -Insulating varnish

Super high dielectric strength that surrounds and promotes increased power without failure. Available in clear (202C) and red (202R).

Corium 208 - Disc brake parts cleaner

Removes dirt, grit and grime to improve and maintain brake efficiency.

Corium 209 - Aluminium/Universal sealer

Protects treated surfaces from weathering, corrosion and oxidation. Also applicable for protection of other metals.   Available in bulk as Corium 2090.

Corium 211 - Auto ignition spray

Evaporates water on plugs, points and other delicate automotive parts. Instantly forms moisture barrier.

Corium 251 - High purity, clean lubricant spray

Used for surface contact and awkward application. For clothing and associated industries.

Corium 253 - Wire rope lubricant

Penetrates into the pores of metal and wire rope to provide unparalleled lubrication. Protects treated parts from corrosion both in use and in storage.

Corium 303 - Vinyl conditioner and preservative


Corium 700 - Thinner for Corium 777

Specially refined to remove the harshness normally encountered with ordinary mineral spirits.

Corium 702 - High activity silicone masonry sealer

Specially designed to protect walls, bricks and all surfaces. Water repellent. Prevents concrete from deterioration and discoloration caused by moisture.

Corium 709 - Uni-prime

Heavy duty primer coating that provides the broadest spectrum of properties required for maintenance applications. Primes metals, wood, plastics, glass etc. Primes even difficult surfaces easily.   Absolutely non-toxic.  Super safe water- based coating that can even be used in confined spaces.  Available in red, black, Green, grey, white and caterpillar yellow.

Corium 720 - Galvaseal”

Zinc-rich coating suitable as a primer in all corrosive conditions (welding).

Corium 757 - Heavy duty, high heat reflecting aluminium coating

Resinous, buoyant suspension agent in which millions and millions of aluminium water-like flakes are held. Deflects damaging heat from infrared, ultraviolet and acitinic rays.


Corium 760 - Corrosion-resistant primer for metal surfaces

Specially designed weldable primer that does not require removal prior to welding.

Corium 761- Superbond

Undercoat for Corium 762 “Rubba Kote”.

Corium 762 - Rubba Kote” multi-purpose rubberising compound

A finely milled, treated rubber compound which is blended in a combination of advanced synthetic resins. Can be applied to steel, cement, asbestos and  wide variety of surfaces as well as vehicle under bodies.

Corium 777 - High durability machinery paint

An ultra-durable chemically-tailored, highly plasticised machinery finish for machine protection.

Corium 780 - Extra heavy duty paving paint

Uniquely formulated to protect concrete and other surfaces against attack from chemicals, oils and abrasion.

Corium 781 - Clear surface sealer

Physical properties are the same as those of Corium 780.  

Corium 781 has a lower Solids content so that it may be used to seal porous concrete surfaces, either as a final coat or prior to painting the surface with Corium 780.

Corium 782 - Special cleaning agent

Corium 780 and 781 are not compatible with conventional solvents such as acetone, turpentine and thinners.  

Only Corium 782 should be used to clean hands and equipment.


Corium 789A - High heat resisting machinery coating

Resisting up to 800 degrees F (480 degrees C).

Corium 790 - Metal protector (bulk)

See Corium 79

Corium 871 - All purpose special welding flux – non-corrosive

Corium 871 effectively solves the problem of corrosion/oxidation caused by fluxing in the soldering of electrical and electronic metallic contacts.  

This advanced flux achieves non-corrosive soldered joints.

Corium 1070 - Battery and terminal Cable protector (bulk)

See Corium 107.

Corium 1270 - Penetrating and cleaning oil (bulk)

See Corium 127.

Corium 1280 - Thread lubricant and multi-purpose anti-seize (bulk)

See Corium 128.

A thread lubricant and supreme multi-purpose anti-seize maintenance formula containing a  sophisticated blend of finely ground metals with anti-seize properties.

Corium 1290 - Non-flash or fire point cleaner and degreaser (bulk)

See Corium 129.

Corium 1650 - Internal electrical motor cleaner (bulk)

See Corium 165.

Corium 1960 - Foaming anti-misting glass cleaner (bulk)

See Corium 196.

Corium 1969 - Fluorocarbon, no buff floor sealer and finish

A completely new type of floor finish, superior to all other floor waxes and the new synthetic waxes.

Corium 2090 - Universal and Aluminium Sealer (bulk)

See Corium 209.

Corium 2110 - Auto ignition spray (bulk)

An electrical/electronic system dryer.  

Actually creeps under water raising it from surface contact and hastening evaporation.   Creeps into all cracks and crevices and forces condensation out into the open where it can evaporate or be wiped away.