100% Natural Insect Repellents by Repello Products.

100% Natural Insect Repellents by Repello Products

Natural, Non-Toxic insect repellents that have been tested, and proven, to be highly effective  The active ingredients used in the Repello Range of Products have been University tested and proven, beyond a doubt, to be as, if not more, effective than any of the chemically based products.

Repello's Natural Personal Product Range can give you without fear of the harmful effects of toxins. No other natural product, that we are aware of, can claim this.

Our NEW Barrier Spray can give you protection around your home, office, caravan, around restaurants, holiday accommodation, lodges, B&Bs and many more. Simply apply around the home office, caravan, around restaurants, holiday accommodation, lodges, B&Bs for optimum protection. No more need for electrical gadgets that spew poison gasses around your home.

The NEW Pet and Animal Range offers protection for your pets and animals in a 100% Natural, Non-Toxic way, allowing your children to play with their pets immediately after application. Safely!

Protect your Crops, Vegetables, Flowers and Shrubs the Natural, Non-Toxic way with Repello's NEEM range. NEEM is proven to contain no harmful insecticides, pesticides or herbicides. Vegetables can be eaten immediately after spraying with no health risks.

RepellX Spray

Extra strength Repellent for high infestation areas

Can be used under clothing.
Unique patented timed vapour release system increases effectiveness.

Protects & moisturizes the skin

Full protection for up to 8 hours

100% Natural


Extra strength for use in high density areas


Spray and spread on all exposed areas of the body. Reapply after bathing or swimming. For external use only.

Barrier Spray Repello's Barrier Spray is 100% natural, non-toxic and safe to use anywhere even while the premises are occupied. Harmless to humans and animals. DIRECTIONS HOME & HOLIDAY USE: Spray mattresses & bedding, curtains, furniture, carpets, windows and door frames. Also effective if sprayed in cupboards. Safe to use around food, children, pets and aquatic life Effective even after 2 washes when used on clothing Use on mosquito netting maximum protection. Available in 750ml ready to spray and a 500ml, 2 litre and 5 litre concentrate