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Drain cleaner.

General Products

We supply Industrial & Domestic Chemicals, Cleaning Agents, Cementitious Paint and Insect Repellent Solutions.

Bay Enterprises provides its customers with not only chemical agents that get the job done, they are 100% natural, non toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe around pets and humans.

Bay Enterprises product range includes a wide range of industrial, domestic cleaning chemicals, odourless odour neutralizers, decorative cementitious paints and natural insect repellent for humans, pets and horses.

General Product Category

DRAIN CLEANER - Black acid-based. Use to dissolve blockages in drains. Will dissolve most matter. This is an extremely dangerous product, so protective gloves and eyewear must be worn and it must be handled with care. Do not breathe in the fumes. Water activates this product so exercise caution when pouring into a blocked drain that is full of water.

WIZZ B - is a low foaming organic based general purpose degreaser which is solvent free, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is highly concentrated which makes it very cost effective. It contains an antibacterial agent. Wizz B replaces traditional phosphate, caustic, hydrocarbon and acid based cleaners. Can be used on stainless steel, tiles, cooker hoods etc.




CALCI-GONE DESCALER - All purpose lime descaler and glass cleaner. Cleans and descales steam irons, kettles, shower heads, toilets etc. and puts a sparkle back into glasses. Can also be used for pool chlorinators.

- Odourgone is a water soluble organic based product which will not harm the environment, "Safe to Nature" more