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The world's leading cemetitious paint.


Elephant Camel Brown
Clay Champagne
Coral green Corn
Falcon White Cloud
Choc Eucalyptus
CafeAulait Elk

A world leader in cementitious paint

10 Kg with Activator


1. Remove contents from bucket.

2. Empty activator with colorant into bucket, using water to ensure everything is emptied into the bucket. Colorant may be pre-mixed with the activator or, supplied separately.

3. Fill the bucket with water to the 9,5L mark in the bucket.

4. Empty power slowly into the bucket while mixing, preferably with a mixer attached to a drill or with a paddle or plunger (not a stick or rod) until ALL lumps and sediment are dissolved.

5. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes mix again, then paint.

6. Apply within 12 hours. Paint may be thinned to its original viscosity with water if it thickens. Adding too much water may cause the paint to run and/or to reduce hiding power.

7. Remove spillage with a damp cloth. Wash brushes and rollers with water.

Applies like a PVA

Aesthetically pleasing





Hides hairline cracks

Does not leave dry lines

Easy to touch up


Low dirt retention

Can be applied on new plaster

Flame retardant

Vapour permeable

Practically odorless

Environmentally friendly

Acid and Alkaline resistant

Touch-dry in minutes


  • Surface Preparation


  • Surfaces must be free from cracks, loose or flaking paint, dust, dirt and grease.
  • In coastal regions. hose off surfaces immediately prior to painting to remove salty deposits resulting from sea mist or spray.


  • Use a bonding  agent on flaky surfaces. To test surface preparation, make a cross on the surface and attach sticky tape. The tape must pull off clean.



  • Do not apply in temperatures under 5C (40F), in rain or in high wind conditions.


  • Applications


  • Coverage will be increased if bonding liquid is used on bare plastered or concrete walls.


  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. A block (effects) brush is especially useful on rough surfaces.


  • If the product thickens, slowly add water while stirring until the original consistency is restored.




Keep out of reach of children



This product should not be eaten, drunk or inhaled. If swallowed, seek medical attention do not induce vomiting.



In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water and consult your docter without delay.



**Contains approx 28ppm isothioazalones anti bacterial biocide that may cause skin irritation. Wash off with water immediately after skin contact. Persons with sensitive skin are advised to wear gloves.




Stored in dry conditions in its original undamaged packaging, Kangoshield may be stored for up to 12 months.




In most cases, a single coat of paint is all that is required. This bucket (10Kg) produces close to 11 litres of paint. Coverage will be from 60m2 to 110m2 per bucket. using a bonding liquid should increase coverage significantly.