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Breakdown Powder


Breakdown Powder is a biological grease-digesting agent.

The introduction of BioS 3112 into a microbal blend that also degrades proteins, lipids and carbohydrates delivers a unique biological consortium for treating drain lines and grease traps.  

With regular application, Breakdown Powder will reduce trapped grease, maintain free-flow in drains and reduce odours in grease traps and drain lines.  Used very successfully in septic tanks.




Breakdown powder contains a selected blend of highly active bacteria cultures with high enzyme activity including protease, amylase and lipase enabling it to break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats and oils.

Breakdown Powder does not transfer the grease downstream.   The microbal consortium actually degrades and digests the grease and scum.

Breakdown Powder proprietary formulation incorporates an innovative inhibitory system that produces excellent product stability, yet upon addition, these same ingredients stimulate growth and activity of the bacteria.

The active ingredients in Breakdown Powder reduce the production of odours.

The microbal blend in Breakdown Powder controls odours by degrading malodorous volatile fatty acids present in septic or anaerobic environments.

Breakdown Powder demonstrates visible reductions in grease when field-tested in restaurant grease traps.

Breakdown Powder is an environmentally preferable formulation that won’t damage pipes and traps.

Breakdown Powder is non-volatile and non-corrosive.

Breakdown Powder is easy to handle and use.

Breakdown Powder has good stability and shelf life.